Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bespoke Investment Group - Blog Review

Bespoke Investment Group

I usually read a blog for at least a month or two before deciding to add it as part of my regular feed reader lineup. Time is short and I like to get a feel for the blog before I make the commitment to add a blog to the 20 I check everyday. But in rare cases I make an exception. The Bespoke Investment Group blog is one of those exceptions.

Barely over two weeks old this blog has already impressed me with not only the quality of their writing but the well researched content as well. Covering such topics as commodities, ETF's, stock analysis, and the economy the Bespoke Investment Group blog provides just the type of analysis investors and traders should be reading and learning from. A fine example of how Bespoke Investment Group can help the investor or trader is found in this very useful ETF Cheat Sheet.

Overall, I recommend the Bespoke Investment Group blog as one that should be read regularly.

Bespoke Investment Group


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fondy said...

This is more of an investment club (very diversified)that you can join for free, and decide whether to fund or not later. In fact they are not even accepting funding right now. 5% of all profit goes to your favorite charity! I've never come across a program like this. Very creative without all the typical garbage. Take a look and let me know your thoughts: (copy and paste in your browser)

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