Monday, August 27, 2007

Best Stock Trading In The World - Blog Review

Best Stock Trading In The World

Depth. It is what I most enjoy about the blogs I read. Depth both in content and quality of writing is what appeals most to me when I am reading a blog. The kind of content depth that forces you to pay attention when you a read a blog post to make sure you don't miss the point. The kind of writing depth that displays a nuanced command of the English language that allows one to read a blog post twice and still feel a sense of freshness the second time around.

A blog that satisfies my criteria is the Best Stock Trading In The World blog. A rather new blog with nine posts in July and eighteen in the current month of August, the Best Stock Trading In The World blog caught my eye a few weeks ago due to the quality of the writing and the depth of the content. To date the blog seems to be posting in a serial fashion as it proceeds to some unknown destination. As such I would recommend that one start at the beginning and read the posts in order to better understand the current posts as they build on each other.

As for what the blog is about I will simply quote from the title page and allow the author to describe it:

This is a blog about thinking. It operates under the pretense of being about the stock market. But this may not be so bad; the stock market as a world is a suitable world in which to think. It is suitable because it has a goal. There is at least but one world more suitable for thinking but that world cannot be so easily entered. It is sometimes said that “One must swim to stay afloat. One must eat to stay alive.” This blog is intended to conquer that. Let us conquer it together.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Zero Beta - Blog Review

Zero Beta

Another fine blog I enjoy reading is Zero Beta. Zero Beta takes a look at the broader happenings in the market and economy and does so in an intelligent and insightful manner. Providing links as well as original content Zero Beta provides thought provoking views on all things finance related. An example of the fine analysis performed can be seen in this post regarding the recent subprime sell off.

Zero Beta

Monday, August 13, 2007

Covered Call Blog - Blog Review

Covered Call Writer Blog

An interesting blog that has made its way onto my feed reader is the Covered Call Writer Blog. The blog is a trading journal of an individual who has a system for writing covered calls. The blog details that system as well as the trades made using the aforementioned system. The blog also provides links to various articles and resources regarding writing covered calls.

An informative blog for the new investor or trader looking to learn about covered call writing.

Covered Call Writer Blog

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Financial Philosopher - Blog Review

The Financial Philosopher

Some blogs entertain. Other blogs educate. It is the rare blog that is smart. By smart I mean that feeling one has after reading an article knowing that the clarity of thought expressed is of a level few obtain. I classify The Financial Philosopher as falling into the smart category.

The Financial Philosopher blog provides the new investor or trader with the tools which provoke one to philosophically examine the field of investing and trading. The Financial Philosopher discuses those issues most pertinent to a new investor's or trader's success in the market and does so in a easy to understand manner. Simply put, I enjoy this blog because I agree with the blog author's statement that "everything goes back to keeping things simple and knowing intimately who you are."

The new investor would be well served to take the time to read The Financial Philosopher

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Smart Money Report - Blog Review

The Smart Money Report

Another blog that I have recently found that I like is the The Smart Money Report. The Smart Money Report provides several daily links to interesting articles and blog posts. A good blog for those looking to find things to read without spending a lot of time searching.

The Smart Money Report