Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Suria Investment Newsletter (SIN Letter) - Blog Review

Suria Investment Newsletter (SIN Letter)

Another website I enjoy reading is Asif Suria's SIN Letter website. Some websites discuss investing methods without reference to any particular situation others simply highlight stock picks without analysis. The better websites do both as a means of educating the reader. Asif's blog is one of the better ones.

Asif not only discusses what companies he likes but also why. As stated on his website:
Suria Investment Newsletter (SIN Letter) is a free stock investment newsletter with a focus on international investing that highlights two stocks each month. The objective of this newsletter is to provide you with unbiased initial research and basic facts about individual stocks so that you can then research them further before deciding to add them to your portfolio or not.
Each month Asif provides via email subscription a very lengthy and detailed newsletter on his current stock selections as contained in the portfolio, a discussion of general market conditions, and various ideas on the radar but not yet actionable. Here is a link to the most recent April SIN Letter. In between monthly letters Asif also comments via a blog on his website.

Overall, the Sin Letter website is well written and thoughtful website worth investigating.

Suria Investment Newsletter (SIN Letter)


Asif said...

Thank you Steven. I honestly don't know how you manage to find the time to read, review and write about so many books and blogs.


Suria sure sounds interesting.

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