Monday, April 16, 2007

Stock Screen: Strong Earnings and Price Momentum

I collected a lot of stock screens this past year. Most use the free deluxe screener available at the MSN Money website. The screens are sometimes hard to find on the MSN website, so I thought I would share them.

This is a screen that finds stocks with strong earnings and price momentum.

Screening parameter: 12-month Relative Strength >= 80

Screening parameter: 3-month Relative Strength >= 90

Screening parameter: Previous Day's Closing Price >= 1.2* 200-Day Moving Average

Screening parameter: % Price Change 1 Week <= 10 Screening parameter: Recent Qtr Surprise % >= 5

Screening parameter: Earnings Estimate Increased in the Last Quarter

Screening parameter: ROE: 5-Year Ave. >= 1

Here is a link to the MSN article by Harry Domash with a description of how and why the above parameters are used.

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Great investing advice thanks.