Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Online Trading - Book Review

SFO Personal Investor Series: Online Trading

What Is It About?

This book collects several articles on online trading from Stocks, Futures, & Options Magazine. This anthology contains articles from such trading luminaries as Linda Bradford Raschke, John Carter, Thomas Bulkowski, and Lawrence McMillan. The topics covered include understanding online trading, evaluating market opportunities, trading with a system, and an introduction to options trading.

What Did I Get Out Of It As A New Investor?

A solid overview on what it means to trade online. The editor of the book assembles the best articles to appear in the Stocks, Futures, & Options Magazine magazine in order to walk the new trader through the process of understanding how to trade online. Most if not all of my trading will take place online. This book helps understand what that means.

From taking advantage of opportunities in the market online to understanding how to begin to develop a trading system the book provides an introductory overview to many of the common themes online traders face. All the articles provide answers to the common questions new traders have about online trading. In short the book provides material most helpful to new traders wanting to learn online trading.

The Good News

Overall, a helpful book for a new trader looking for a basic introduction to issues regarding online trading.

The Bad News

While the book assembles many great articles into book form, which may have appeal to the experienced trader, it may have limited appeal to those who have moved beyond the introductory stage of online trading.

The Bottom Line

A solid informative book for the new trader looking for a comprehensive overview.

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