Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Beginning

I am very new to investing and have found lots of sources on the web. My hope in starting this blog is to provide a resource for other individuals new to investing to hopefully save time in looking for and/or figuring out what investing sites are right for them. To this end my goal will be to provide review of various investing websites that I have found and my opinion as to how they have helped me and to what degree. Please note that I do not have a technical or financial background to explain whether a particular website is sound in describing the investing method, I merely offer a new investors opinion as to whether the content of a website/blog provided clarity to a new investor or raised more questions left unanswered. Simply put, does what the writer have to say make sense to me and presented in a way I can understand? It is up to each individual to determine whether there is validity of what is comprehend (i.e., a blog on the merits of a ponzi or pyramid scheme may be clear and simple to understand and therefore be a good site in that respect, the validity of the material presented and whether to follow the advice given is a question left for the individual to determine).

More later.


Anonymous said...


great that you decided to start your own blog. I look forward to reading your stuff...



Great review