Thursday, April 27, 2006

10-K One Stop Shop

In this day and age it is pretty easy to get a 10-K with the internet and all...either direct from the company or a facsimile from an online service like EDGAR, yahoo, etc...

But a cool website that I found that lets you order a lot of 10-K's from companies all at once is

Here is a quick blurb about who they are:

****The Public Register's Annual Report Service (PRARS).
PRARS, is America's largest annual report service. Company financials, including annual reports, prospectuses or 10k's on over 3,600 public companies are available without charge to the investing public. ****

They dont have every company...but a lot of them they do and they really are free..(I guess companies pay for them tp attract investment).

Anyway the Company has been around for a few it probably was really help[ful pre-internet...but it is still a good time saver...

Also one of the more current relevant functions is that it will automatically send you current annual reports as soon as they become available.

So if you were wondering how to get an annual report..there you go.