Friday, October 20, 2006

New Website ""

I came across this website today. It has the look and feel of in that it allows users to register and add content.

It appears to have been recently created, so it is a bit light on content, but as more people use this website its utility may become apparent.

For instance, there are links to various Top Ten lists, such as brokers and blogs. Once the site grows and begins to assemble a body of data, it could help people save time when they are looking for relevant information covered by a particular list.

It also lets users post information on individual stocks. Obviously, on larger issues like MSFT and WMT there is ample info, but on some smaller companies and non-listed stocks Valuewiki could grow to be a good place for information.

The only questions I would have would be: 1) how to avoid the biases in users when allowing the creation of content about particular stocks; and 2) for the lesser known issues how will you separate solid information from simple pump and dump posts.

Overall this seems to be a good concept and I look forward to seeing it grow.