Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Resource Review: Fraser Publishing

Obviously most have heard of But a nice little bookstore that I found the other day is Fraser Publishing.

As described on the website Fraser Publishing is:

"An extensive selection of books on Wall Street, speculation, investing, business, the stock market, and trading techniques for the creative self-investor, where all prices are discounted at least 30% from retail list price."

They offer books you cannot find on Amazon or at a lower price than Amazon because they are now the publisher. The best thing is that they offer many texts which are classics because they are considered original works that all other ideas flowed from. For instance, many have heard of John Burr Williams' The Theory of Investment Value, but most do not know that Williams also wrote Interest, Growth & Inflation.

If you are looking to build a library of books on trading and investing, as I am, then this bookseller is worth looking at.


sdesai said...

I ordered those 2 books that u mentioned 1 month back, books are new and shipping was fast, plus shipping of 3.00$ was charged for both the books-so saved on shipping too. All n all good store.

Steven said...

Yes they are pretty good at getting them out quickly.


Now I like the sound of that book review.