Saturday, March 17, 2007

John Chow Dot Com - Blog Review

As many of you know, one of the things I do here on this blog is review other blogs. I do it free of charge. But I have recently discovered that what I do may have some value other than receiving an appreciative thank you from the author of the blog I reviewed. An interesting blog that I have come across that demonstrates the power of saying nice things about another website is John Chow Dot Com.

John Chow is a self described dot com mogul and founder of The Tech Zone. The John Chow Dot Com blog covers many topics including John Chow on Technology, John Chow on the Net, John Chow on How to Use Wordpress, and of course the category that caught my eye, John Chow on Investing.

In the category of Investing, John Chow discusses such topics as: flipping real estate for profit, tips to maximize your RRSP, the impact of tax on investment income, the mutual fund scam, the greater fool theory, and the gun and butter theory. All of these posts provide solid information on the topics covered.

Currently the subject that the John Chow Dot Com blog covers most often now is how to make money online. Covering such topics as commenting your way to the top, hiding affiliate links for better seo, the importance of deep linking, and using other advertising networks besides google adsense the John Chow Dot Com blog shows you how to monetize your blog if that's what you want to do.

In fact what really gets me is that John Chow gets $250 to review other websites and blogs. As an example for the month of March the John Chow Dot Com blog has already done well over a dozen reviewme reviews at $250 a pop. And here I was happy to get a free book now and then when I did a review. Silly me. LOL.

Of course reviews are not all that the John Chow Dot Com does. John Chow also accepts other kinds of placements to advertise his blog. How much does this all add up to?

On his blog John Chow details how much money he makes from the John Chow Dot Com blog. While John Chow states that he never started John Chow dot Com to make money, he has done just that. How much money? In the last several months the earnings from his blog have been quite good.

For October 2006, John Chow made $1,361.64 with his blog; for November 2006, John Chow made $2,139.93 with his blog; for December 2006, John Chow made $2,790.05 with his blog; for January 2007, John Chow made $3,440.66 with his blog; and in February 2007, John Chow made $7,011.05 with his blog. Not bad.

The thing about John Chow is that not only does he discuss how well he is doing, but he also takes the time to help out new bloggers by offering them a link on his blog if they do a blog review of his John Chow Dot Com blog. Some other websites that get a lot of traffic are pretty stingy with their links, but not John Chow.

John Chow has also done some nice things with raising money to help feed the hungry this Easter by raising over $1000 for the Union Gospel Mission. Since John Chow seems to be of a giving nature I think I will do something for his readers.

Last month John Chow had a contest where he asked his readers to "guess my February blog income" and gave away a free watch for the closest guess. Therefore, in March I will give away a copy of Kenneth Fisher's "The Only Three Questions That Count: Investing by Knowing What Others Don't" to the person who comes closest to guessing what John Chow's blog income is in the month of March 2007 from his John Chow Dot Com. To see what the book is about you can read my review of Ken Fishers' book.

Here are the rules:

1. All entries should be left as a comment to this post no later than 11:00 p.m. PST on March 25, 2007.

2. Closest to the actual earnings for March 2007 (over/under) wins the book.

Good Luck.


sami said...


i already won the Ken Fischer book in another contest of yours, so i do not need it -- though a substitute would be nice if it does not cost you personally anything --
i am posting the comment because i saw that nobody else did and i would like to encourage them to do so. The book is a good read, whether you agree with the content or not. Fischer is an extremely accomplished person and you would do yourself a favor by reading the book...
Plus, you are getting a FREE book for pete's sake. Just go ahead and enter a guess... a FREE BOOK!

Steven said...

Thanks Sami

Jason Neuman said...

I saw your review on John Chow's site today and wanted to know if you would be interested in a review exchange. Please visit my site for for review exchange rules, let me know if you are interested in a review exchange.