Thursday, March 01, 2007

Warren Buffett Puts Out The Help Wanted Sign

Do You Have What It Takes To Be The Next Charlie Bucket?

As many of you know, Charlie Bucket was the name of the child who won a golden ticket to enter Willy Wonka's contest to select an heir to take over Wonka's candy business. Well today, all you aspiring Charlie Bucket money managers just got an invite from the investment community's version of Willie Wonka.

That's right Warren Buffett is looking for a crown prince or princess.

Today in Berkshire Hathaway's Chairman's Letter, Warren Buffett announced that, while he has several candidates to replace him as CEO, there is a vacuum with respect to someone young enough to replace him as Chief Investment Officer. Therefore, he announced (on page 17 of his letter) that he will begin a search to select a "younger" candidate or field of candidates to be groomed to replace him as investment officer when that need arises.

Note the word "younger." What, you thought he was meeting with MBA students cuz he liked kids? Man he was scouting talent.

So for all you "younger" money managers, MBA students, and the like, who have dreamed of learning from the master, spruce up that resume and dry clean your interview outfit. Your chance to get one of the golden tickets is at hand.


eddie said...

dude! I love this guy. He's interesting. We're working the wrong jobs man, haha