Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Resource Review: Trader Mike On Position Sizing

Trader Mike On Position Sizing

As many of you know, the Trader Mike blog is one of my top five blogs. It is also a great resource for new traders.

One of the best articles I have found on Trader Mike's blog is his great post on position sizing. Not only does Trader Mike do a great job of explaining why position sizing is important to a trader, he also provides several great links to other websites that will help anyone struggling with the concept. In addition, as does Chris Perruna, Trader Mike also provides a link to his position sizing spreadsheet.
Those unfamiliar with position sizing will be well served to take a look at what Trader Mike has to say on position sizing.

Trader Mike On Position Sizing


Mike said...

One of the most important issues with trading, yet how many actually do it? With the 95%-losers/5%-winners out there I take it that not many practice it.

Good post.

eddie said...

found you on thestreet.com this morning steve.... congrats.

Steven said...

Thanks for the heads up Eddie.

caroline said...

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