Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blog Review: Five Percent Stocks

Five Percent Stocks

Another unique blog I like to read is Five Percent Stocks. As the name of the blog implies, the author buys stocks and holds them for a five percent move or 30 days, which ever comes first.

To be more specific here is what the author has to say about his approach:

In my investing I have had the most success choosing momentum stocks that I see increasing 5 percent within 30 days. I have a simple buy-sell strategy: purchase
at the beginning of an upswing and sell after 5% gain (no
exceptions) or after 30 days, or after a stop loss of 10%.

Now if you have read the site for any period of time you realize that the stop loss is not set in stone and that the author does not simply pick a stock and run with it. As this recent post details, there is a lot of research prior to stock selection. Overall, a nice site to read about an interesting way to play the market.

Five Percent Stocks

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