Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog Review: Option Pundit

Option Pundit

A new blog I found the other day that I like is Option Pundit. Much like Adam's blog the Option Pundit does a good job of breaking down all things option related, from a look at the week ahead, to individual option trades, to explaining option strategies.

The part of the website that got my attention and I like the best is the Option Pundit Toolbox. Here Mr. Pundit provides great links to option resources important to any new investor wanting to learn about options. For those wanting to learn about options, the Option Pundit blog is a good place to start.

Option Pundit


adam said...


And yeah, he has some nice features, I like the site too.

Another one I like alot is VIX and More.

Steven said...

Yeah I have VAM on my blogroll...gonna highlight it soon since it is unique as far as topic focus.

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For those wanting to learn about options, the Option Pundit blog is a good place to start.
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