Saturday, February 24, 2007

Investing Resource Review: Investment U's China and Uranium Report

Two of the hotter topics the last few years have been China and Uranium. Unfortunately most new investors may not know where to begin their research. Fortunately two recent publications from Investment U may assist the new investor in learning about China and Uranium. They are:


Both publications run 36 pages and read quickly, much as a detailed research notes does. Each booklet gives a brief background of the area covered, recent history of what the sector/industry has been doing, thoughts on where China and Uranium may be going, and specific selections to invest in. For those looking to get a quick introductory read on either China or Uranium, giving the above a read may be worth your while.

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Chris said...

I received copies from the publisher and enjoyed both. I currently own two successful Chinese stocks (EDU and MR) and I am looking to establish a position in PTR in the current area ($110 to $120).