Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blog Changes

I have realized that reviewing every blog I come across is not an efficient use of my time. So instead what I will be doing is putting links on my blog to every blog that I read regular or have some interest in. By implication by putting the blog on my link list I am recommending it as useful to new value investors.

For those people who visit my blog and click on a link I will then be happy to respond to direct questions and provide comments on why I find those websites useful to me.

I will also start offering a running commentary on what I am doing as a new investor.

How new am I you ask?

Well I just made my first investment about three weeks ago so I guess I am pretty new.

To get an idea of my budding investing strategy please click on the link and link.

For those who are absolutely new like me to investing you must read this book.

I believe it provides an essential primer on how to think and approach value investing.

More later