Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bolg/Website Review

Just a quick note as I was busy yesterday and did not post as I said I would. While I have mentioned Bill at NoDooDahs and Geoff at Gannon On Investing,

if you are new at investing a great website that gives a great overview on a lot of different areas of investing is Billcara.com.

The website is from a guy who is more of a trader than a value investor, but it is also a great website to learn about the different types of investing. He has different sections explaining different ways of investing: TA, Fundamental, quantitative, Macroeconomics, FOREX, Bonds, commodities, Sectors, ETF's, Mutual Funds, U.S. and Int'l equities.

Essential the website provides a way for a new investor to understand how macro issues may affect your short or long term investing decisions. I think especially helpful is the discussion on ETF's and sectors (GICS or global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). It also will give you a great overview of ways to invest other than what is known as value investing. It helps to explain the cyclical nature of all markets.

Bill Cara also has a daily blog where he talks about current issues in the market. The best thing about the blog is that Bill Cara does a week in review on the weekend where he goes through the 10 sectors and provides discussion and charts on how each sector and the stocks within them performed the past week. He also does an over view of the Dow 30 with charts as well. So far it is one of the best week in reviews I have seen with respect to summarizing what has happened and why and what might be happening in the short term.

I would it visit billcara.com and then play around at seasonalcharts.com to get an idea on how just because a company you like now is overpriced does not mean if you are patient it wont be under-priced one day. Seasonal Charts is a website which shows how all different kinds of investigated have ups and down through each year.

Well that's my Monday review (one day late). I have finished this book

and hope to discuss it tomorrow from my new investor point of view.