Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I see that I now have 4 confirmend readers who link to the RSS feed. Welcome!

For you or anyone else who finds this site I recommend you start reading from the begining. The simple reason is that this blog is a mix of sorts. As I grow my knowledge base and make discooveries I will try and share them, but I wont be going back to information already discussed. Once I learn how to walk I wont again describe learning how to crawl. (which doe snot mean I wont answer any comment or quesiton, just that there wont be a future post absent a comment).

In a sense my posts are sequential in nature as I detail what I find, how I use it, and what I am thinking.

I have two really good posts coming up in my mind. One deals with a quote I read this morning. The other are some thoughts on my developing philsophy of how exactly I am going to invest.

As a reminder, my site is geared to someone like myself, new to investing or taking control back from mutual fund managers. My intent is to offer my own persoanl thoughts on the information I find and any success or failure I have in hopes of saving others money or most important time.

I do not ever plan on offering stock picks or rejects. That is because if stock A is the best for me right now does not mean it is for you.

I will from time to time eventually talk about why I made certain decisions as they relate to specific investments as a backdrop to my analysis. Or if someone asks me about a stock I might offer my perspective, but never a recommendaiton.

And for the time I wont be offering any in depth analysis of what may or may not be good stocks, because I am still figuring out myself how to value a stock. And because other websites that I linked to can do that better.

Eventually I hope to come up with a schedule of posts...something like Monday I will talk about new blogs/websites I have come across in the last week and why I like them.

Wednesday I might talk about books or articles I have read in the last week and what I got out of them.

Friday I might eventually talk about stocks that I am watching and why they caught my eye.

I encourge anyone who reads to feel free to comment or offer sugestions. Like I have said before I hope to accomplish two things with this blog...learn more about why and how I am investing by writing it all down...and two hopefully help others out there who might have the same challanges as I have. Comments from you will help me focus on what you want to read about. i cant guarantee I will know the answer, but I will promise to think about it together.

Anway thanks for reading,

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