Friday, March 10, 2006

A Cup Of Coffee At The Show

The websites listed to the right in my links sections are those which I read on a day to day basis.

One of the sites that I have found most valuable is Geoff Gannon does a good job of taking a new investor like me and explaining how to value a company using security analysis. I consider his website to be one of the best blogs out there and in the Major league as far as blogs go.

So I was quite excited to see that one of my comments became a post by Geoff (or "G" as I call him). Which, for those baseball and Bull Durham fans out there, is where I got the title of this post, having made it to the show for a cup of coffee.

I recommend new investors spend some time reading through G's blog as I think it is well worth the time.

I also recommend also going to Bill's blog listed on the right inmy links. Bill's posts on investing are as good as they come and he takes on a lot of different issues which can fairly be said are related to investing. Bill's blog is also one that is top notch in my new investor opinion.


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Nothing like good cup of coffee.