Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blog Review: Fly On Wall Street

The Fly On Wall Street blog is a very unique blog worth visiting. The blog provides daily commentary from an individual actually describing the moves made while managing other people's money. This commentary is offered in a refreshingly truthful and upfront manner.

The Fly (aka Broker A) discusses daily trades, provides market commentary, and offers a candid opinion in an attempt to cut through the noise offered by the market and the so called market pundits. Again Broker A does so in an upfront and honest manner.

At first blush it may seem that when reading Broker A what is shared are various stock picks which The Fly is buying or selling. But after close examination and detailed reading of the blog it is clear Broker A is providing much more. The Fly's comments are important because when they are taken as a whole and approached as a cinematic movie rather than a snap-shot picture, reading the short posts over several days or weeks provides an insight into how the market ebbs and flows. Something that every investor and trader should understand. Again Broker A does so in an upfront and honest manner.

You may have noticed that I have repeatedly stated that The Fly offers comments in an upfront and honest manner. This is a polite way to say Broker A pulls no punches and will resort to profanity if the situation calls for it. This is not done in a vulgar way; rather simply to emphasize the point being made. That is said as fair notice to those who have virgin eyes and ears.

With that said, many of the Wall Street terms The Fly uses are a bit obscure and did not make it into this recent book:

In an effort to provide some utility to its readers, Value Blog Review offers this glossary of some unfamiliar terms you may encounter at The Fly's site:

1. Mr. Asshole Dip Buyer – This is an individual who buys stocks on any dip in price. As in "Mr. Asshole Dip Buyer just screwed the perma-bears who got short."

2. Fucktard – the state of being a fuck while at the same time illustrating the qualities of a mentally challenged person; one's innate ability to illustrate extreme dumbassness/bitchiness, even beyond the scopes of a normal fuck.

In other words, someone who is so stupid by default that to call them a retard would be an insult to those retarded everywhere. As in, "why won't the fucktards just surrender to the bulls and cover their shorts?"

The Fly's phrase is catching on like wildfire, here is a bumper sticker that just came out:

and for the lady trader Broker A even has some Valentine Candy:

Image Hosted by

Of course, the origin of the phrase is a bit unknown, but Value Blog Review has learned that The Fly may have learned it from this man:

Another word similar to fucktard and used by The Fly is:

Dicktard - A combination dick/ retard. That is to say that not only is the guy a complete moron, but he's also a flat-out asshole.

and finally The Fly often uses:

Asshat - one who is so oblivious to the world around them, lacking in common sense, their head might as well be up their ass. As in "anybody who has been short the market the last 6 months is an asshat."

For those who need a visual please see this drawing taken from this actual patent application, seriously:

Image Hosted by

The last thing I want to point out about The Fly's website is his use of disclaimers. They are quite funny and well worth the read. Most disclaimers say something like "this is not a recommendation to buy a stock yada yada yada."

Instead of the usual boring disclaimer, Broker A comes up with such disclaimers as: "Disclaimer: If you buy SORL because of this post, your wife will demand major upgrades to the house. And, you may lose money." Very funny stuff. Broker A's blog is a good read.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I will attempt to end with my own disclaimer about The Fly's blog:

Disclaimer: If you use this link, reading The Fly may cause you to get your panties in a bunch. And, you will lose money.


Broker A said...

funny stuff. thanks.

Howard Lindzon said...

you found him through me though so where is the mention :)

He is good to read and I agree with you.

Long Flycasm

Anonymous said...

That's funny - good work!

Anonymous said...



That is hilarious!!!!!

My panties are in a bunch!


Did you I ever tell you I am in love with your mind? You are brilliant!

Thanks for making my day! :)

Steven said...

Ummm...I thought you only went

Music: Sisqo's Thong song

think to sing it again
She had dumps like a truck truck truck
Thighs like what what what
All night long
Let me see that thong
That thong th thong thong thong

Anonymous said...

"dumps like a truck truck truck"???


Where is the love?

Steven said...

trust me it is not a bad least not in the 'hood where I grew up...

Anonymous said...

"trust me"? You sound like a lawyer! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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