Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Upcoming Books

Time again for a look at upcoming titles that caught my eye, and comments several bloggers might make.

Adam says this book should have been about Dunkin' Donuts cuz the coffee is way better:

The Fly says "shut up and trade--if you want to confess, go see a priest."

Another book I might as well have Bill read and tell me what it is all about:

I wonder if this book includes The Fly's favorite phrase:

Tom should probably read this book for his $100 FX experiment:

The Chairman is the go to guy on this subject:

The Trading Goddess says Adam likes to play doctor, and not just with options:

Trading Goddess also says "this is a great how-to manual...oh crap I mis-read the title, I thought it was about GOING and not nothing down, never mind":

Geoff probably ghost wrote this one:

When I saw this title I thought, between Mike, X, Ugly, and Jason is this book really necessary?:

Howard says buy this or just read his blog:

A classic updated for the Ninth Edition:

The Chairman's neighborhood again:

and finally,

Bill says if he can get through this 1,000 page book they are gonna give him a raise at work:


Anonymous said...

tsk! tsk! Steven!

Are you trying to ruin my pristine image?

And just so we are clear... Adam much more prefers when I am the "nurse"... ;)

candice said...

I know that you are joking, but the river is hardly useless land, my friend. You live in California, do I even need to talk about wildfires?

Also, Starbucks doesn't sell coffee, they sell the experience of going to Starbucks. Dunkin Donuts sells coffee.

Steven said...

Candice: Sorry. Removed it.

Anonymous said...

SBUX doesn't sell coffee?

I know Pete's does.

Are you kidding me?

Sorry, I am a KO drinker, so I truly am being serious in my Q.

candice said...

tradinggoddess, I drink tons of coffee, what I'm saying is Starbucks' brand is the thing, much more than the coffee itself. You can sell coffee at a convenience store and people will drink it (and love it, sometimes, like WaWa on the east coast.)

adam said...

how did I get involved in this, lol?

Nothing holds a candle to DD coffee, I'll accept no counter argument.

I agree with Candace, Starbucks is selling the event of going to Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

This is funny! What I thought Candice meant was...they didn't sell it to buy. Like Pete's...you can get it ground up and take it home and make it.


Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. :(

and Adam....you get mixed up in this by association...LOL! What crowd are you running with? As Candice would say, are you one of those "Stock Bloggers"? LOL!

Broker A said...

DD coffee is not expensive enough to be good.


All of the books sound interesting.