Sunday, January 21, 2007

Off Topic: Dog Tagged

I was tagged by Muckdog whose life I was surprised to learn inspired this movie.

So here are four more things you may not know about me:

1. While not a big music guy I do have a favorite. Ten by

is the best album, ever. Great music and awesome lyrics on every song. Bonus info: Black is my favorite of the eleven songs. Bonus Bonus Info: My favorite version of Black is the one from MTV unplugged.

2. Growing up I loved reading sci-fi novels. If I had to pick just one book as my favorite book, I would have to say Robert Heinlein's Tunnel in the Sky

is the one. Pretty much anything by Heinlein (and Asimov) is great.

3. It might be hard to believe but I I read other stuff besides investment books. When I get a little tired of reading investment books I like to read mysteries and detective stories. I have read recently The Hunters, Brother Odd, and Echo Park.

4. Keeping with the favorite theme, my absolute best place to eat pizza is a place called Bronx Pizza in San Diego. I shit you not. Started by guys from New York, it is top notch.

5. Like Muckdog my first full-time job was in fast-food. For me it was at In-n-Out Burger. Started there at 18, stayed for three years, and for the same reasons Muckdog gave it was great.

There you go. Want to know anything else, just ask. And if you have a blog and are reading this consider yourself tagged. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure your brother isn't a match for me?


btw, do you eat pizza for breakfast?


p.s. sorry if I missed your pebbles. :(

adam said...

even better than "10" is the way they got the name. It was Mookie Blaylock's number, lol.

Mike said...

Speaking of Ribs. Try Kansas City Ribs in San Diego. It is a little hole in the wall across from the convention center and next to the railroad tracks.

The movie Top Gun - piano scene was filmed there.

thought you should know.

And it is near Washington St.