Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resource Review: Stock Screen CANSLIM

I collected a lot of stock screens this past year. Most use the free deluxe screener available at the MSN Money website. They are sometimes hard to find so I thought I would share them. This first screen is MSN Money's version of the CANSLIM screen and it is based on the IBD parameters set forth by William O'Neil.

EPS Growth Qtr vs. Qtr >= 18
EPS Growth Year vs. Year >= 25
Last Price >= 0.9*52-week High
Last Price >= 0.8*5-year High Price
Total Shares Outstanding <= 25,000,000 12 Month Relative Strength >= 80
% Institutional Ownership >= 5
% Institutional Ownership <= 35 12 Month EPS Cont. Ops. >= 1
Latest Fiscal EPS >= 0.5
EPS Growth Qtr vs. Qtr <= 500 ROE 5-Year Avg.>= 5


NO DooDahs said...

This is too funny! I just added a couple of stocks from the AAII interpretation of the CANSLIM rules to my watch list!

GMTA, baby!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great advice. I've read O'Neil's book and I appreciate you extracting the "formula". When I go to MSN, however I don't see a Deluxe Screener I see a rather simplistic tool that allows me to pick Key Financial Indicators by a highest/lowest selector. Am I in the wrong place?



Anonymous said...


I've answered my own question. The option to instal the Deluxe Screener does not show up in the Firefox browser.

Thanks again for the canslim recipe.



Interesting advice

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