Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blog Review: Update Howard Lindzon



Howard Lindzon Gets Clean

by Steven Rosales

In the ever continuing quest to provide coverage of the goings on in the financial blog world [Ed. Note: Value Blog Review thinks the term "blogasphere" is pretty lame and refuses to ever use it] Value Blog Review has uncovered breaking news regarding Howard Lindzon.

After much discussion and heated debate, those who know and love HL recently conducted an intervention to get Howard clean and into EA, more formally known as Entrepreneurs Anonymous. Such luminaries in the bloging world as Trader X, Ugly, Trader Mike, Fred Wilson, Andy Swan, Eddie Daroza and Candice all participated.

Value Blog Review has learned that in an effort to help others, HL's struggle with recovery in EA has been chronicled in (and served as the inspiration for) an upcoming book, appropriately titled:

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: Why I Can't Stop Starting Over

When asked to comment on these revelations and the success of the EA program HL had this to say:

"I present to you words meant to convince the glorious citizens of the democratic people's republic of Amerika that Howard Lindzon-Borat have cleaned myself of desire to up- start business........................................ ................................NAUGHT!"


Howard Lindzon said...

I am already off the wagon :)

Sorry to let you down.

It is amazing though that a book has been written about everything you can think of

Steven said... is a fun way to do a link fest and turn people on to books they might be interested in.

Anonymous said...


Good stuff. Keep it up.

I appreciate your giving me a great name, but Stick Quake Investments is no more. I think I shorted the entire market back in Nov. and lost it all. NOT! Wish you would have told me 'bout that book sooner. Oh well, there is alaways another business to be made somewhere in the world. Thanks for all the Love!


One excellent resource review.