Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off Topic: Tag I Am It

Shane over at Wall Street Fighter tagged me the other day. For those who do not know (and I did not) when another blogger tags you they are asking you to share some things not known about you. In other words they are trying to get to know better the person who is blogging.

So in case you were wondering here is five things you might have not known about me (since using Shane asked I will use his topics):

1. I graduated from Whittier College in 1996;

2. I sat second chair and appeared before the United States Supreme Court (123 S.Ct. 1965);

3. I have two American Bulldogs: Tank and Ginger

4. My wife and I our expecting our first child (a boy) in May 2006;


5. My shoe size is 13.

I am supposed to "tag" a few other people, so here are those that I am curious to learn more about and will tag:

Bill Rempel, Geoff Ganon, Eddie Daroza, and Candice


candice said...

You and the trading goddess with the linkage today. Fun.

I hate the tagging stuff, though.

Eventually there will be a "candice, why are you hanging out with all the stock bloggers" post. But the rest of it, some of my friends are likely to call me up and complain.

Anonymous said...

Candice - LOL! "the stock bloggers"!

adam said...


Go see lots of movies, lol, I'm still trying to catch up.

Steven said...

Candice - Funny...I never knew that the math and computer kids would give you a hard time for hanging with me at lunch....and here I thought I was sitting at the cool table...HA HA HA HA ...I better go watch Breakfast Club maybe Can't Buy Me Love...

adam said...

the good news is you can catch that 3 AM SportCenter every night.

Steven said...

Adam: funny...of course I am on the west coast so at 3 I guerss I can get a head start on the

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the new one. I am sure he will be a reader like his dad.

Those early morning feedings will give you a chance to get some early news, see what is happening around the world before the rest wake up.

Take care,


candice said...

The CS folk have this HUGE disdain for memes and tagging stuff.

The hanging out with various folk bit, I don't think they'd care.

Trading goddess, well, what else am I supposed to call that crowd?

Steven said...

oh great now the CS crowd is on my case...w

ould it help if I told them I was a Tri-Lam? lol

I agree with what Bill Rempel said while in high school:

"I just wanted to say that I'm a nerd, and I'm here tonight to stand up for the rights of other nerds. So just join us cos uh, no-one's gonna really be free until nerd persecution ends."

candice said...

I went to the same high school Bill did, I have no claim to not be a nerd, based on that alone, really.

Steven said...

Now that explains it! I knew that two math gods like you had to have some connection. What a freaking small world.

You do seem to be a bit more well adjusted to society then Bill is, lol.

Perhaps after Bill flamed out in the mid-80's the school learned its lesson and instituted some "fun" in to the curricula.

Ha Ha Ha.

candice said...

He was there in the highly experimental early days, where from all accounts I heard, it was much cooler.

I'm not a real math nerd, it's only fresh in my head because I have to take the classes at the moment. I sucked in everything after calculus in my first round of college.

Alex said...

awesome that you attended Whittier College as I live not to far from there