Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trade Review: BUD


BUD was a stock I bought as an idea on an undervalued or oversold company, depending on your style of investing. The main reason for purchase was just to get my feet wet and I felt BUD at that time was undervalued enough to present with a sufficient margin of safety that would preserve my capital. So I bought. And then I sold.


On February 16, 2006, I bought Anheuser Busch (BUD) at $41.88. On October 4, 2006, I sold BUD at $48.37 (dividends included). I had a gain of $6.49 a share (dividends included) or just about 13.4% in 230 days.

Bottom Line

At the time of purchase BUD was, again depending on your style of investing, either as undervalued or oversold as it had been since 1992. BUD is getting close to its all time high, so it may be a chance to try out Howard's style.


George said...

What's Howard's style?

Howard Lindzon said...

i buy all-time highs and bud would be very interesying indeed

Steven said...

George: Howard buys all time highs.

howard: hey I gave you BRK and now BUD for Wallstrip.

What else does a brother got to do to get a link? lol

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