Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog Review: Daily Options Report

Daily Options Report

Have you thought about options? Do you have questions about options but are too afraid to ask? Or are you just sick and tired of reading blogs that only discuss stocks or review books?

If you answered yes to the above questions, the Daily Options Report, authored by Adam Warner, could just be the solution to what troubles you.

The Daily Options Report is self-described as "Learn Everything You Need to Know About Options....And You Might Even Have Fun Doing It." Well Adam is not kidding when he says that.

Like many of the blogs I like to read Adam mixes three things into his blog to make it a worthwhile read: solid analysis on the market, humor, and a daily round-up of interesting and relevant news stories with links. Adam is also a contributor to the Wall Strip show.

So far Adam's blog is one of only two blogs I have found that deal solely with options trading (the other being Simply Options Trading) and I would recommend either for those who want to learn more about options.

Daily Options Report


Simply Options Trader said...

Thanks for the mention!

Since you are on the topic abt female trader bloggers, I thought I'll take this opportunity to clarify that our blog is actually written by... a woman...yesh, that's me :) Most mistaken that it is coming from a guy and I didn't bother to clarify as well. I say our blog because it is jointly setup by myself and my hubby and while I do the trading and blogging, he helps me on the technical aspect of the site.

Is there any added bonus now that this is made known? lol, I don't know, but I'll monitor my hits :)


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