Sunday, November 05, 2006

Resource Review: Investools

This weekend there are two great posts on Investools by The Kirk Report and Tyro Trader. I thought I would jump on the band wagon (or shout into the echo chamber as Bill Rempel calls it) and offer my own thoughts.

As Mr. Kirk and Mr. Tyro note, Investools provides a fundamental/technical stock screen/research service. They do so I believe for about $50 a month. But as the Kirk and Tyro posts indicate you need to sign up for a $2,000+/- training class. I have seen it reported to sell for more or less depending on where, when, and how hard you bargain.

Here are a few thoughts on Investools:

1. For the best discussion of Investools, what it does, what it does not do, and whether you can find the same stuff for free, you should check out Phil Town's blog. Mr. Town recommends Investools because he feels it provides value ands saves the average investor time. But he does acknowledge and provide citations to other sources that provide the same thing for free, albeit with more time and effort.

2. For an example of the green/red arrows Tyro is talking about just go to Business Weeks's website, enter in any stock symbol, when you get the quote and little chart, click on the chart, on the next screen check the boxes "MACD" "stochastic" and "Moving average" and click enter.

Here is a link to a WMT for a shortcut. Just check the boxes "MACD" "stochastic" and "Moving average" as indicated.

You will see little arrows that are "supposed" to be buy and sell points. As I understand it Investools bought/licensed the software from BW or whoever BW got it from.

Please note that I have never actually tried Investools for the same reasons mentioned by Krik and Tyro. But (shameless plug here LOL) if Investools would like to offer me access like they have Kirk and Tyro I would be more than happy to try it out and report back on the service.


Anonymous said...


I am not able to find out the little arrows which are supposed to be buy/sell points. Can you please let me know how to figure that out. The WMT link is not working any more.


Steven said...

Looks like they got rid of that feature.

citigold78 said...

Thanks for the advice.

Actually you can download investools DVD video at

All 4 investools video available
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