Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Blog Review: Howard Lindzon

Another blog I like to read daily is Howard Lindzon. He provides daily posts on a wide range of topics including stocks, the market, business in general, Web 2.0, and some fun but interesting other topics.

The best thing I like about his blog from a stock market point of view is that he does a good job explaining why trends are important when thinking about stocks. The discussion of trends is not limited to just a stocks price history but covers the underlying real world reasons which support the price trend. This is done in a manner that is easy to understand. He is also the founder of Wallstrip.


eddie said...

he's alright. sometimes a little cocky. :) jk.

Howard Lindzon said...

he's an ass. everyone knows it. even his kids.

Steven said...

eddie: yeah money does that to a guy. I say all these nice things, give him all kinds of ideas for the strip...and I dont even get a lousy link...LOL.

HL: Yeah but you got money so nobody really notices...and the kids called said they are gonna get you a t-shirt made for x-mas...instead of "world's greatest Dad" its gonna say "world's greatest paycheck/ATM" and that's copyrighted so don't try to make a buck on it either.


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