Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blog Review: Value Discipline

For those who invest using a fundamental approach, Rick at Value Discipline has a great blog. As described on his site, Rick is a professional money manager who ran a portfolio for institutions for over 25 years and now currently works with individuals.

Using a value approach, Rick's blog offers analysis on specific companies and discusses topics timely to the current market. Like other fine blogs Rick does a good job of providing links to great articles and research material of interest to any investor.

Rick was also named to James Altucher's Top 100 blog list found here.

If you want solid fundamental analysis from someone who knows what he is writing about, Rick at Value Discipline is a blog I recommend.

Value Discipline

P.S. If you know James Altucher let him know it's okay that I did not make the Top 100, but geez I actually liked his book and gave it a good review. You think that would get me a little love with a link on his daily blog watch, especially how he is always complaining that his book is often ignored. lol.


Anonymous said...

I am a good friend of James, and to make up for my "Blowup" post on ya, I will talk with him on your behalf. :)

Steven said...

Thanks...dont worry though I thought it was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

You probably played with "Boneless Girl" all day...admit it! LOL!

Well, glad you thought it was funny. I really think that Adam thought I was pissed about you ratting out the forum. Sheesh! I guess he didn't read your initial post too thoroughly.

And besides, I would have expected something like that from you, cuz you are related to wormie, and it was he who first "discovered" me. I think you boys have Mike Hammer in your genes. LOL!

Steven said...

I actually loved reading Encyclopedia Brown in my

the game is funny...did you serve as the model"...cuz anyone woman that flexible has got to be pretty

Anonymous said...

You can grab "Boneless Girl" by the ankles and then just let go. Don't ask why I did it.


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