Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blog Review: Update On The Trading Goddess

News Alert!

Hidden Website Of The Trading Goddess Found By Value Blog Review

by Steven

Through much hard work and at the risk of grievous bodily injury this reporter has uncovered a little known alternate website run by the Trading Goddess.

While previous published reports have indicated that the Trading Goddess could be found at this website:

Our in-depth research has shown that the Trading Goddess also has this other website:

Please note the deceptively ingenious way that the Trading Goddess has masked this other website by using a clever and hard to figure out alternate URL.

Of interest on this other website are discussions of various stocks and a learning center where the Trading Goddess shares her wisdom. For fans of the Trading Goddess this other site is worth a look.

Trading Goddess' Other Website


Anonymous said...

LOL! Let me could never find all the Easter eggs as a kid.

Mike said...

I'd bet the true "tradinggoddess" is a dude. I should post picks of hot chicks to draw hits.

Steven said...

Aww..geez mike why you got to kill the you gonna tell me there is no santa claus or eater

Mike said...

Yes, well, I just calls 'em as I see's 'em. Thanks for the feedback on the site layout. It is much cleaner.

Mike said...

However, on the profile, Tradinggoddess is a few months older than me. Maybe she is a female! If she is local So. CA., maybe we can do a meet up!

Steven said...

I think she is in Norcal. But she is looking for a husband as seen here...

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that you think I am a male. I hope you didn't place any bets on that, because you would be a LOSER!

So - your "call 'em like you see 'em" seems to be broken. Want some help fixin it?

And yes, Steven is correct in that I am in the East Bay. Whenever you come up this way from the smog, give me a holler, and we can meet in person.

Happy trading!

Steven said...

Hmm...maybe I should change the name of the blog to Steven's Trader Match Service...pimpin' sure aint easy...

Mike said...

I go to Vegas for the weekend and look what happens. Comments on my blog and TradingGoddess invites me for face to face meet. Wow, I have to travel out of town on the weekend more often.

Steven, Thanks for the note and yes now you have another page you can add to your blog - trader matching service. LOL

TradingGoddess, I will post over at trading-goddess-seeks-trading-husband.html as well. Interesting "Criteria"? Doesn't seem too bad at all! I will be in Sacramento this coming Fri./Sat. East Bay is just a short drive from there. Any chance you will be available Sun. 12/10/2006? If not, we will have to meet in 2007 as I will be out of town most of the rest of Dec.


P.S. Steven: thanks for the service. What do you charge?

Mike said...


Help fixin' my "call 'em like you see 'em" is a great idea/offer. Sorry I missed that the first time round.

Steven said...

Mike no I said just let me know when the next quake is gonna hit.

T'goddess: Rumor has it that every woman who meets Mike goes away signing Carole know...

"I feel the earth move under my feet"

and not just because he is in the earthquake

mmaisner said...

As I said, "earthquakes are like gold - you find them wherever they are"

My gut tells me the Long Beach fault is going to be the next big one for So. Ca., but then again Northridge and San Fernando Valley were only 30+ years apart so go figure.

Anonymous said...


Don't go spending your "Singles Service" commission anytime soon.

Although Mike scored a total of 400 out of a possible 100 points on his entrance exam, I am looking for someone who is at least 5'10". Just recently Mike has confessed to being 5'2". Now, doin the math, 5'10" - 5'2" = 8 inches, and you know what that means! LOL!

Back to the drawingboard for you my friend.

Oh, btw, Adam seems to seem we are a bit peeved at each other. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...


Please fix the above post to delete the second "seem" and insert "think", which I apparently wasn't doing when I typed that.

Mike said...

Steve: Actually, I think you can go ahead and spend that "Singles Service" commission. thanks for your help.

As Tradinggoddess said above "I passed the entrance exam" and one of the attributes she was looking for was humor. So, humorously, I wrote that I was 5'2" and would wear Gene Simmons flatforms to make the height requirement. In reality I am 5'10, so it looks like I make the cut.

I guess my score went up a little more - maybe 500 out of 100.

Now, if you can get that phone number for me Steven, I will consider it money well spent.

Steven said...

T'goddess: I would if I could but I dont know how. It's okay somehow makes you seem even more goddess like.

Mike: I could probably try and get her number..but then I might haver to cross the line from admirer to stalker and I am not ready to do that ...just

Mike said...

Aw, man! You have to be kidding me. For the amount of money I am paying you - I want a refund.

Actually, just donate the money at has a "Keep on Bloggin" Donation button - kind of like the tip jar over @

Then she might just give you the number. How come I am paying you and I am the one coming up with the ideas? You are some good salesman!

Mike said...

Last sentance should read "You are one good salesman!"

I unlike others don't ask the site owners to FIX my errors.

And speaking of fixing things, didn't the TradingGoddess say something about fixing something for me or helping me fix something? See, I am an honest guy, so when someone says they are going to do something, I just assume they will. Oh well, you know what they say about "nice guys."

I feel cheated, like I am not getting my money's worth Steven.

Steven said...

Mike I am sure T'goddess would like it better if you showed some dedication and found out her info on your own...but since I am in a god mood..I am willing to give yo her private gmail account...for a small

Mike said...

I thought that was what I was paying you for?

This feels like blackmail. Now you want more $.

How small of a fee?

P.S. Too late, she already Emailed me!

Mike said...

I plugged you site here and added you to my blogroll. I don't know why I waited so long.

Anonymous said...


I am quite sure that Steven is married and his wife is one lucky lady! :)


I didn't know you had my gmail account as well! Sheesh! Do you have the last 4 digits of my Social and my blood type as well?

P.S. I will cc you on every email. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Steven said...

Mike: Damm it! I was just gonna sell you her first and last name as got lucky she took pity on you.

T'goddess: dont have the social yet...or blood type...just your first and last name. Guess I read too many Encyclopedia Brown books when I was growing did you email Mike I was gonna milk him for some coin and split it with

Steven said...

T' goddess: BTW I WAS happily married until you blew my cover and outted me and my girlfriend the rubber doll.

Anonymous said...


I read (past tense) all the Nancy Drew' well as Agatha Christie and Ed McBain.

As a matter of fact, my ex-husband hated it because I read books.

What an idiot. Hence the ex part. LOL!

I guess I am going to have to do some DD on you. Your GOOG lookup leads me to a 404 error.

As far as Mike....little does he know that I never drank or smoked cigarettes until I became a trader, er umm, investor. I do KNOT see a wedding in the future for us, as I believe he is some type of health nut! LOL!

Steven said...

yeah Vemma all the way! lol...all though he swears by it...has me curious.

Anonymous said...

Forget Viagra - Got Vemma?


Mike said...

Round II - Ding!

TG - I really am not interested in Steven, you know, that way. Happily married or not - since you blew his cover (nice choice of words) HE is not my type. How come I don't have your gmail account! Holding out on me already. Thanks, looks like we are heading for rocky water already. Oh, but I have the direct account so that is better.

POINTS FOR ME - I read like knowbodys business - well, unless I have something else to keep my attention> ;) - Yes, that is a wink! I must be up to 1,000 by now.

So, which is it - trader or investor? I only associate with....

I am not a health nut - I am sure I smoke more than you do!

Steven - I could use that first and last name. With the Internet - anyone can be found. That is why I was pushing for the tel. #. LOL
Sorry she blew your cover, but I am sure the wife will understand.

This is fun, but I am not getting my scans done. I have to make some money so I can TG out on the town - show her a good time. If you know what I mean!

TG and Steven - I can give you a deal on Vemma - best stuff around. Howard tried it, liked it, but said "it wasn't him"

Anonymous said...

By Jove....

The guy doesn't give up on the Vemma! Next thing ya know he will be tying ou wrists and shoving it down our throats! I guess he is not aware that I don't swallow!

Steven....looks like Mike didn't read any detective novels. would be a terrific born-again-Christian judging by the way you handle that Vemma.

btw, can you mix that crap with Rum?

And yes...I like lobster and filet mignon. Now say that "stock trader" is not an honest profession. If I were to give it all up for you, how would we afford the lap of luxury that I am accustomed to?

On a side note, I wonder if Howard would film the wedding.

Mike said...

You don't swallow - that is it, I am calling it off!!

I did too read a detective novel or 2, when younger. A Hardy boy I am not, more like Simon and Simon all wrapped into 1.

I don't like the way your making fun of Vemma. Vemma and rum - I have never tried it, but if my stocks move against me today I will have to try that combo.

Lobster and Filet? At the rate your going you'll be lucky to get a tuna fish sandwhich and a biscuit. I know you thought I was buying, but after some of your ciomments I think it will be dutch. Can you afford Tuna fish and a biscuit?

Hey, I never said you had to quit the trading gig, just remember YOU will be working to maintain my lifestyle - Don't cha' know!

I know Howard won't actually do the work, but the crew that works with Lindsay may do it (I am sure she would give up a episode or 2 of Wallstrip for sure a worthy cause). Better yet, YOU could hire Laren from 1938 media (I am a newbie at this blogging stuff and don't know how to put the link in here - saw him tooling around in the blimp yesterday afternoon - he must be getting ready for the Rose Bowl.

Anonymous said...


1938...isn't that the year you were born?

mike said...

Yes, I am way too old for you.


A very interesting review.