Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blog Review: Trading Goddess

The Trading Goddess is a new blog that started about a month ago, but one that I now read everyday. I do this for three reasons:

The writer is smart, funny, and female!

That is right. An honest to gosh blog written by a female trader. While I am sure there are many women traders out there, I have yet to come across more than one other female trader blog (that being Powerswings which is also a great blog).

Not only does the Trading Goddess post solid trading articles, she often takes a lighthearted look at the market and is not afraid to poke fun at herself. In short like every other great blog, she is smart and funny. The added bonus is she is a woman.

So if you like humor, solid market analysis (and are tired of getting it from men) go check out the Trading Goddess. Did I mention she is a woman?

Trading Goddess

Voted # 1 trading website that is: written by a woman, on the west coast, in NorCal, who is looking for a husband.


Anonymous said...


I am getting all choked up!

Cheeks are burning!

I am so flattered!

Oh my!

Oh my!

Thank you! Thank you!

Now, I have to run and write an acceptance speech, buy the perfect dress, get my hair and nails done, order a limo!

This is all so exciting!

All my life I felt like Jan on the Brady Bunch! Today, you made me feel like Marcia!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Also read her for the reasons you cite. Plus women are statistically better traders, or so I hear. Less ego or something like that.

There are a few more out there. One I found recently on MyBlogLog is Stock Trading Insights.

Vlada, Czech Republic said...

I also like this blog.


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