Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blog Review: NYSE Trader

Another great blog I read often is J.C.'s NYSE Trader.

J.C. is a scalper. For those who do not know what that is, think a daytrader with attention deficit disorder. A scalper buys and sells shares by the second or minute. J.C. trades more shares in one day than the average person will trade in a lifetime. For instance, today he traded over 116,000 shares.

Now for someone who is a wee bit more long term oriented you might wonder what value J.C.'s blog might have for me. A lot actually. Everyday J.C. gets up, goes to work, trades, comes home, and writes about it. Good or bad, up or down, J.C. lets you know how he did.

For many, looking into the mirror and taking responsibility for the good and bad that happened today is a hard thing to do; it is even harder when it costs money. Yet everyday J.C. mans up and lays it all out.

Whether you are an investor or trader, short term or long term, you don't get better until you can look yourself in the eye and acknowledge your mistakes, fix them, and move on. Reading J.C. helps understand that simple, yet difficult to do, concept.

And that is why he is worth reading.

NYSE Trader

P.S. No I do not like his blog just in case the initials J.C. stand for something that rhymes with "cheese n' rice."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and thanks for following my progress!

I'm glad people out there are able to learn from the mistakes I'm making and regardless of what kind of trader you are (long-term, short-term, daytrader, or scalper), I know everyone can relate to some of the things I go through.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next book review and next blog review!


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