Sunday, December 31, 2006

And The Winner Is...


The contest to win a free copy of Ken Fisher's new book is over and the results have been tabulated. As you may have heard the indices closed at: DJIA 12463.15, Nasdaq 2415.29, and S&P 500 1418.30.

Overall we had a sweep by "Lifepost." Lifepost came the closest on all three indices guessing DJIA 12300, Nadsaq 2410, and S&P500 1415. In second place for the DJIA was "Asif" with a guess of 12,700. In second place for the S&P was "Sami" who guessed 1,400. Finally for the Nasdaq "Sami" also came second closest with 2,391.91.

As far as the winners of the books go, it is actually pretty funny. I intended to give away 6 books, 2 to the top two guesses for each index. But since there was only seven people who actually entered the contest, I am going to give a book to each of the seven people who took the time to enter. So everybody at Value Blog Review comes out a winner. Even "Rachelle" who lives in the Philippines.

Please send me an email to the address on my profile page with where you want the book sent. I will try and get them out by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...


The Phillipines! Wow! Admirers from around the world!


Please send mine to my "horse" street addy.

And could you include a review and an autograph? LOL!

Steven said...

Hey I will even SWAK it for you...ha ha ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! SWAK it and I will DNA it! LOL!

Steven said...

SO you can clone way!!! I am a one and only

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks..i'm looking forward to reading it!

Mike said...

Wow, me a winner. I will have to prepare my speech. OK, I am done preparing. Here it is "SPEECH" - thanks so very much.

They like me, they really like me! - a line by Jim Carey in the movie "The Mask".

Thanks Steven. I will get you that addy ASAP. An autograph would be dandy and I have no idea what SWANKING is, but if your going to do it for TG, then do it to mine as well. I promise not to DNA it - whatever that is.

Steven said...

Mike: SWAK means sealed with a kiss...and no you wont get one of those on yours...

but i can give you a SWAKITA

which is Sealed With A KICK IN THE ASS


Anonymous said...

Hello Steven,

I just wanted to let you know I received my book in the mail today!

Now, can you read it to me? ;)


Theirs always a winner.