Monday, December 25, 2006

Win A Copy Of Ken Fisher's New Book

As my book review details below, Ken Fisher's new book is an outstanding book. Here is your chance to win a free copy, shipping included.

By opening bell (9:30 a.m. EST) December 26, 2006, give me your guess as to what will be the year end (December 29, 2006) closing price for either the DJIA, NASDAQ, or S & P 500 (you can make a guess for more than one index but you can only win one book). The two closest numbers for each index wins a book. In the case of a 3 (or more) way tie the first two who enter a guess win.

I know that some will want to take a guess for bragging rights and do not want a book. Therefore, to make it easier on me to administer the contest please enter a guess with this format:



S&P 1400 No Book


DJIA 12,800 Book

I will announce an overall winner and the winners of the books for each index shortly after the close on Friday.

Value Blog Review would like to thank the publisher of the book John Wiley & Sons, which was kind enough to provide copies of the book for the contest.


Anonymous said...

S&P 1395 Book
DJIA 12205 Book

Anonymous said...

Will you ship to Canada for free? thnx

Steven said...
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Steven said...


I have your picks down..but how is it that I am supposed to know it is you if you win? If you could please private email me with your picks your privacy will be assured.


Steven said...

Canada: Not sure how much it costs to mail to Canada. But if it is in reason, sure why not?

Steven said...

Canada: Looks like the rates are reasonable. Now all you have to do is win. lol.

Anonymous said...

The NAS has been on a good run.

Very nice indeed! :)

Trading a bit sideways now. I wanna see a bounce and move up from here, like I know it can.

My pick:

NASDAQ Composite Index (^IXIC)

Mind you, I would like the ending price to be much higher, but I will say:


And, I will take the book. Thank you and GOOD LUCK TO ME! LOL!

And, no I don't live in Canada. hehehe

Not there is anything wrong with living in Canada (to be politically correct). hehe

Asif said...

S&P 500 1451 Book

DJIA 12,700 Book

Nasdaq 2499 Book

I wonder if the winner also gets a review of his blog done on Value Blog Review. I would love to have the SINLetter blog reviewed here. :)

Mike said...


I can't consult my crystal ball b/c it is not too portable and I am on vacation in NC./Chicago (cold here
). But I know if I could consult my crystal ball it would say that the NASDAQ Composite Index will close a penny above Tradding Goddesses (I hope she used her crystal ball) guess of $2,472.69.

Final answer $2,472.70

Do I get extra for being within 1 penny? LOL

Steven said...

Asif: Dude I am sorry..been busy reading books. I get your newsletter and enjoy it, will do a quick review soon.

T'Goddess: Hey this is a family site you guess of 69.69 is not

Mike: you should have gusses 2481.69 and you and T'goddess would have the same 69.69 and insted of a penny off you would be right on the T'goddess. lol

Mike said...

Good idea/point. But over at my site I am already on TOP of TG.

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting 69.69 from?

Steven said...


That is so funny.

you mean you were not being cute?


your guess was $2,472.69

so I thought you were being cute with the .69...and then I looked at 2472 and 2+4 = 6 and 7+ 2= I thought you were being sly and making your guess 69.69

Asif said...

Steven, I had no idea you received the newsletters.

As for the 69.69, you may be reading too much into what TG writes. :)

Steven said...

Asif: you may be right...although she is pretty subtle like I would not put it past

Sami said...

DJIA 12174 book
Nadsaq 2391.91 book
S&P500 1400 book.

Anonymous said...

DJIA 13128 book
Nadsaq 1984 book
S&P500 2100 book

LifePost said...

DJIA 12300 book
Nadsaq 2410 book
S&P500 1415 book

Anonymous said...

I am sometimes subtle, and sometimes not so subtle!!!!

I am a female...we are just like that. We solely exist to simply mess up your mind!


And Steven.....I think you are really a mathematician and are trying to disguise yourself as a bookworm!

You have a love for the words and a love for the numbers! What a combo! Nice! :)

Anonymous said...

The NAS is currently at ...


69 69 69 69 69!

Now, we just need another $66.00 and I will be a winner!

C'mon NAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahooo! Only $41.47 more to go!

Come on Nas!!!!!!!!!


Great book on ken fisher.