Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blog Review: Update On The Trading Goddess


Unauthorized Biography of Trading Goddess Released

by Steven Rosales

Based on reader demand from what seems to be the mostly male dominated investment blogging community [Ed. Note: Value Blog Review thinks the word "Blogasphere" is pretty lame and refuses to use it] Value Blog Review has continued its ongoing quest to learn more about the talented Trading Goddess who has captured the imagination of male traders everywhere.

To that end, Value Blog Review has uncovered the unauthorized biography of the Trading Goddess, included in a book profiling female traders. The book chronicles her life and times as a female trader. Value Blog Review calls attention to the unique title:

Women of the Pits

When asked to comment on the unauthorized tome and more specifically what the somewhat erotic choice of title might mean, the Trading Goddess had this to say:

"I was young...I needed the money."

Value Blog Review will continue to update its readers as more details come in.


Anonymous said...

That's an excellent book, btw.

Steven said...

Than I will read it. Saw it in my local library and thought of

Mike said...

I never read it, but if TG Bio is in there I NEED IT! Isn't that right TG?

Anonymous said...


Just thought I'd let you know, that I reread this book today.

It helped with my current mindframe.

I am better now.



One excellent blog.