Friday, December 22, 2006

Blog Review: Gannon On Investing

In my opinion, Gannon On Investing is one of the top 5 blogs out there for a new investor. Geoff writes from a strictly value investing point of view. This is not to say that he rejects other points of view; rather, he simply sticks to what he knows. In fact Geoff often discusses other styles of investing not as an exercise to prove them wrong but as a way to examine whether there exists any utility for the value investor.

In addition, the depth of analysis that can be found on Geoff's blog is amazing. Equally as stellar is the quality of the writing, which matches or exceeds what is produced by any institutional report. About the only bad thing about this blog is that Geoff sometimes can go several weeks without a post, which is understandable in light of the amount of time it obviously takes to produce quality research.

If it seems to you as if I am a bit enthusiastic about this blog, your thought is correct. That is why it is one of my top five blogs, measured as helping me to learn during this first year. Whether responding in detailed fashion to questions I may have had or assisting me with my own blog by hosting several of my book reviews, Geoff has contributed greatly to my development as an investor.

If you are just starting to learn how to participate in the stock market (like I was at this time last year) spending time reading Geoff's site may shorten your learning curve, I know it did mine.

Gannon On Investing