Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Review: Bill Cara

Bill Cara's blog was one of the first blogs I read when I started investing. It is also one of the best for a new investor. The blog covers all aspects of trading and investing.

Whether you are interested in technical, fundamental, or quantitative analysis, Bill Cara discusses it all. Not too sure what market is right for you? Equities, fixed income, commodities, options, futures, and forex are all covered. Each section has a place on the main page where one can click and get an overview to each category. In addition to all this there are daily posts with commentary and links to research materials.

One of the best things about this site is Bill Cara's Week In Review. Every Saturday Mr. Cara provides an exhaustive analysis of what took place the week before and a look ahead to developing ideas. It is one of the best resources I have found.

Overall Bill Cara's blog is one of the best and I recommend it to all.

Bill Cara's blog

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