Thursday, December 28, 2006

Resource Review: Fraser Publishing Part II

I have mentioned previously here why I like Fraser Publishing. Today I would like to revisit a specific reason why Fraser Publishing is a great resource for investors.

As I said in my original post, Fraser Publishing "offers books you cannot find on Amazon or at a lower price than Amazon because they are now the publisher. If you are looking to build a library of books on trading and investing, as I am, then this bookseller is worth looking at."

Since then I have discovered the website has a category entitled "distressed copies" found here. As described by the website these are books which:

"Sometimes books arrive from the printer a little bit smudged. Sometimes we drop books as we're filling orders, bending the corners a bit. Sometimes books are returned from a bookstore or wholesaler, and, while they haven't been sold to a customer, they're in less than perfect condition. We call these "distressed books", and we're offering them to you at 50% off our regular retail prices."

Currently Fraser Publishing has several books for sale at 50% off including John Burr Williams's classic:

It normally sells for $30.95 but can be had right now for $15.48.

I have ordered several "distressed" books from Fraser Publishing and I have been hard pressed to find anything really distressed about them. Three of the books I ordered are in perfect condition, all that is amiss is a UPC sticker on the back cover. Another has a slight crease on the back cover, as if someone had clumsily browsed through the book too quickly. In all other ways the books were in perfect condition.

So if you want a great book to read and save money when buying it, you might want to visit Fraser Publishing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

I bot a book off your site through Amazon. I got a library book. Do I have to pay late fees on it? LOL!

Thank you for reading to us Steven. You are a valuable part of Wall Street and much appreciated!


Very interesting post